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Smoking Cigars in Churchill's Lounge
On the Sky Princess Cruise Ship

By: Gary Manelski

During February 2023, I took a 7-day cruise on the Sky Princess. This was my first post pandemic cruise since 2019, but COVID-19 was still a concern. I have written numerous articles about smoking cigars on cruise ships since 2006, when smoking policies were less restrictive. However, during the last decade or so, and well before the pandemic, cruise lines have been gradually reducing the number of smoking areas on their ships, especially relating to cigars. Always make sure to ask about a ship's smoking policy as it specifically relates to cigars, before booking any cruise.

On the Sky Princess, smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas. Smoking is NOT allowed in any stateroom nor stateroom balcony. Cigarette smokers have several options, including the casino and an outside deck near the back of the ship. They also frequent Churchill's Cigar Lounge, which happens to be the only designated area for cigar smokers. Cigar smokers cannot smoke anywhere else on the ship, neither inside nor out.

Churchill's Cigar Smoking Lounge on the Sky Princess is not a cigar bar, but just a lounge. Although there is no bar in the lounge, smokers can either order drinks via an app on their cell phones, or carry in a drink from another bar. There is a humidor in the lounge, but I strongly recommend bringing your own cigars onboard.

In this age of COVID, Churchill's Smoking Lounge on the Sky Princess is not a place to spend a lot time. It's better than nothing at all, but the small area is not ventilated well enough to accommodate the many cigarette smokers as well as a few cigar smokers. In fact, the "smoking stations" inside the lounge appear to be designed specifically for cigarette smokers to get a quick nicotine fix, as opposed to enjoy the ambiance of a well-appointed cigar lounge.

I smoked only two cigars in the lounge during my 7-day cruise, and only on days/times when the cigarette smokers were occupied elsewhere. However, while visiting the ports of call, I was able to enjoy a number of Cuban cigars. If you are ever in St. Maarten, make sure to check out Juggie's Place.

In conclusion, I don't know why the Sky Princess does not condone cigar smoking on at least one outdoor deck along with the cigarette smokers. After all, cigarette smokers are welcome to use the cigar lounge, even though they also have several other options while cigar smokers do not.

May 2023 Update:
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Churchill's Cigar Bar on Sky Princess
Churchill's Lounge

Smoking Lounge
Cigarette Smoking Stations

Entrance to Smoking Lounge
Entrance to Churchill's

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