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Get a Cuban Cigar and Two Cold Beers for Only $2.99 at
Juggie's Place

The Smallest Bar in the World in St. Maarten

The smallest and most enjoyable bar in St. Maarten is located off Front Street in Philipsburg. For only $2.99, you can get a small Cuban cigar and two cold beers. However, the smoking, drinking and conversation with Juggie himself are priceless. And if you happen to have a taste for rum, Juggie also offers his own brand for $5 per shot.

I visited Juggie's Place for the first time back in November 2009, and published an article on which still hangs in the window at Juggie's Place. I always return when I happen to be in St. Maarten, my last visit being in February 2023. The price was still the same, only $2.99 for two cold beers and a small Cuban cigar.

Juggie also sells his own brand of Dominican cigars, spice rum, tee shirts, and other items.


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