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Smoking Cigars on Cruise Ships
Carnival Sunrise

By: Gary Manelski

In May 2023, I took my second post-pandemic cruise, this time on the Carnival Sunrise. COVID-19 was now less of a concern than on my first post-pandemic cruise on the Sky Princess during February 2023. Not only were the few extra months a contributing factor, but having a couple of outdoor smoking areas on the Carnival Sunrise was actually the major reason, at least for a cigar smoker. Although cigarette smokers were also permitted to smoke inside the ship while playing in the casino, cigar smokers could only smoke outside in the designated areas on Decks 3 and 10. See Smoking Policy on the Carnival Sunrise.

It is admirable that the Sky Princess has an indoor cigar lounge, but cigar smoking was not permitted anywhere else on that ship, including on outside decks. I prefer enjoying the scenic great outdoors when the weather is conducive for smoking a cigar, but it is also nice to have a cigar bar or lounge inside the ship during windy and/or rainy days. However, indoor cigar bars on cruise ships seem to attract more cigarette smokers than cigar smokers, which may not only overwhelm the ventilating system in the lounge, but is also a concern for contracting viruses.

There is very little or no chance that Carnival will ever reinstall the cigar bars that it once had in its ships. But despite Princess having inside cigar bars or lounges on their ships, I cannot understand why they do not allow cigar smoking in at least one designated area on an outside deck that is also being used by cigarette smokers.

If you would like to smoke a cigar on your next cruise, always check with the particular cruise line before booking and making your final payment. Smoking policies are subject to change without notice. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you bring your own cigars. Some ships may no longer sell cigars on board, but you can usually buy some for personal use while visiting most ports. However, do not bring any Cuban cigars (nor Cuban alcohol) back into the United States, per Cuban Assets Control Regulations.

Carnival Sunrise Smoking Area
Smoking Area on Deck 10

Sunrise Smoking Area
Smoking Area on Deck 3

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