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In April 2014, Gary Manelski transformed into a destination website for cigar smokers. Gary was formerly's Expert Guide to Cigars, from 2006 to 2014. During most of that time, was part of The New York Times Company, until it was sold to IAC in 2012. During the last few years, much of the cigar content created for was either removed or repackaged for the company's website, and more recently for their new webpage.

Mitch Fadem and Gary Manelski Cigar Expert Dr. Mitch Fadem, who was also a writer for, joined later in 2014. In addition to being a contributing writer for, Mitch also writes a cigar column for Link, which is a local Las Vegas area community magazine.

In addition to this website, please visit our various social media pages listed below. To contact Gary Manelski and/or, please email

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