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Review of Privada Mad Monkey Cigars

By: Dr. Mitch Fadem, LtCol USAF Retired (aka doctoxin)

I decided to take a break from reviewing the bundles to look at some of Privada’s other offerings. As you may know or maybe you don’t know, Privada has uniquely positioned themselves as the only cigar club that offers rare cigars as a monthly subscription. When they say ‘rare’ it is really centered on the true meaning or the word – unusually good and only available in very limited quantities. I have been enrolled in this monthly subscription for several years and always surprised and never disappointed. Some have been great cigars no longer being made, while others are special blends only available through Privada and yes, in limited supply. A good example are the cigars I am reviewing in this article:

Mad Monkey, King County and Blue Cheese.
I will review these cigars in three separate short reviews.

Part One: Mad Monkey

Blender – Tony Barrios, Stallone Cigars, Nicaragua

This is a Nicaraguan Puro:

  • Wrapper – Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
  • Binder – Nicaragua
  • Filler – Nicaragua
  • Size - 6x46 Corona Gorda, Aged 3 Years

The dark wrapper is a very rustic Maduro, although I would call it a Marron Oscuro. The draw before and after lighting has enough resistance, but not too much. The smoke is thick and rich. Flavors are subtle, dark plums and coffee with the aromas of non-descript fruit and chocolate. I would say it is a mild to medium smoke, never any harshness and relatively even burn. My cigar went out around the mid-point when the ash fell off. It is burning very slowly and when ash fell off, I had been smoking it for a full hour. Relighting was easy and I enjoyed smoking for another 40 minutes down to right around 1.5" left. The flavors and aromas remained consistent. I am not one to dwell on the multitude of flavors and aromas you can get from a cigar because that is a very subjective evaluation and if you are anything like me, I like to enjoy the smoking experience and if some recognizable aromas and flavors come to mind, I take note of them without overthinking. At this point in my life, I just want to take a moment to myself and think of nothing but the great cigar I’m smoking and what I happen to be drinking. It is getting cold in Las Vegas this time of year and I chose to have a hot tea with honey and bourbon.

Value? I smoked this cigar for close to 2 hours at a cost of $12. Is it a good value? Well, perfectly constructed cigars are not the rule when you buy a cigar you don’t know much about and at this price point, perfection only cost me $12.

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Privada Mad Monkey Cigar
Privada Mad Monkey Cigar