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By: Dr. Mitch Fadem (aka doctoxin)

5×48 Corona Habano
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Esteli Nicaragua
Fillers: Jalapa, Piloto Cubano and Condega Nicaragua

The Ball Park Bundle. Is it really the best cigar you can get for under $3? Perhaps it’s the best $7 cigar you can get for under $3.

I am continuing my series of reviews about the new cigar bundles offered by the Privada Cigar Club (PCC). I will say now as a disclaimer that I purchase these cigars like any other customer. I do not get them for free or even at any kind of discount. When the review is published, it has been reviewed by only one other person, Gary Manelski. No one at PCC sees them before they are put up on the CigarCzars website.

There you have it. These reviews are my honest opinion. Now, let’s get into the review of the PCC Ball Park Bundle. It is the recommendation of Brian Desind that you let the bundles sit in your humidor for at least 2 or 3 days. After letting the cigars acclimate for a few days they will smoke better. With this information I decided to do a little experiment. I will get to the results after my review and comments in the next paragraphs.

Okay, I opened the package, and the Ball Park cigars appear to be well made and not ‘cheap crap’. This is not a no-name mystery country of origin bundle. These are Nicaraguan Puros. There is a rustic wrapper, and it appears to be rolled using what is called a book technique. The draw, before and after lighting was a bit restricted. The burn was completely even however, the ash was not very strong and fell off after 1 inch at 20 minutes into the smoke. Yes, it is burning slowly with very little smoke being generated. The flavors and aromas typical of cigars with Habano wrappers. I found them a tad spicy, earthy and a small amount of leather. The aromas however much more interesting with a fresh ground coffee smell lingering and a hit of coco. I reached the midpoint the draw was worse and flavors started to get harsh, a much bolder smoke than I am used to. The burn remained even, a sign of a well-constructed cigar. The flavor is bolder than cigars from the first two bundles. I was almost disappointed and then I remembered why I started smoking them the day I received the bundle. Was Brian correct? Will they smoke better after they sat in my humidor for a few days?

The answer is a resounding YES! I continued to smoke one each day to see when they reached a level of that ‘perfect’ smoke. I am pleased to tell you that Brian’s recommended resting time of a few days is paramount for the bundles to acclimate to give you the best possible smoking experience. It was even a better smoking cigar on day four. All the previous issues went away. It had a nice open free draw, and the flavors and aromas remained the same. The total smoking time is right around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The bundle will cost you ~$47. That works out to $2.35 a stick, an incredible value and I doubt you will find a better cigar at that price, unless it is another bundle from Privada.

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Privada Ball Park Cigars
Privada Ball Park Bundle Cigars