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Review of Privada Cafeteria Bundle Cigars

By: Dr. Mitch Fadem (aka doctoxin)

When I first starting writing cigar reviews for Gary Manelski, we collaborated on a series of articles titles ‘The Best Cigars you buy for under $2’. As you all know that number quickly vanished, and it became ‘The Best Cigars you can buy for under $5’. That number was good only for a few years. We stopped writing those articles as the price of good premium cigar rose quickly to $10. You can still get a great cigar for $10. I am going to let you in on the best kept secret in the industry.

The founder of the Privada Cigar Club, Brian Desind, turned the market upside down with his innovated approach on how to get the best of the best for every cigar smoker if they were smart. Brian started the first Rare and Exclusive Premium cigar club but not for a big price. Every month for a little under $30 you could experience 3 of these cigars that no one and I mean no else could find and offered them to club members. I have to say I was curious and joined back in 2017 when Brian launched this idea. I can vouch for the fact that every cigar I smoked that Privada was offering was equal to or better than the coveted Cuban cigars of the 1950s.

Now in 2023, Brian has again, with his unique talent for finding only the best cigars for his members, come up with an interesting approach for offering great cigars to his members and customers.

I have been smoking some of these new offerings for the past several days. They are beautifully rolled Nicaraguan Puros. This is a 6 1/8 x 52 Torpedo Maduro. The wrappers are flawless, the draw perfect and the smoking experience, every bit as good as you would expect from that region of the world.

In my opinion it is medium, full bodied cigar with aromas we can usually just dream about….earthy, woodsy, some floral notes and just a bit of spice on the retrohale. The flavor matches the aroma perfectly. It gives you an even burn right down to the last inch and never any harshness even as you are holding the cigar with the tips of your fingers to get that final draw before putting it down. I smoke these in the early morning when the temperatures are in the mid-70s. Living in Las Vegas with one of the hottest Summers in history, that 5am smoke is the best time to enjoy one of these gems. My paring beverage is a Dolce Espresso bean, medium fine grind and through my Chemex.

Now I let you in on the big secret. This is the best cigar you buy for under $10. No big deal, you say? The punch line of this story is the that $10 cigar will only cost you $3. I am not kidding. These a just one of several premium cigar bundles that Brian has gotten his friends in the best Tabacleras rolling cigars with the finest leaves from the best granje de tobaco (tobacco farms). The bundle I have been smoking is called ‘Cafeteria Cigars’. This is Brian’s tribute to the Cuban rollers and blenders that came to the Florida with all their skills and knowledge to set up businesses away from Cuba and Communism. These are like the cigars they would smoke in the morning when gathering in coffee shops before starting their day. When I am smoking in the early morning as they did with my cup of espresso coffee, I can close my eyes and see these men and women and picture myself sitting with them. I would be mostly listening…. My Spanish is not as good as it used to when I was younger. My grandfather was born in Argentina and I did learn Spanish when I six years old. An item on my bucket list is to sit down with the rollers and blenders of today and enjoy a cigar.

Here are some photos of the cigar and a link to the Privada Website where Brian is talking about these new bundles. Don’t wait or you might miss out of these special gems you can only get because of Brian’s unique relationship with the blenders and tabacalera owners of today.

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Privada Cafeteria Cigar
Privada Cafeteria Bundle Cigars