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Cigars and Scotch Whiskey

By: Gary Manelski

Premium cigars are an acquired taste as are Scotch whiskeys, and both get better with age. I did not drink Scotch at all until after I started smoking premium cigars, which was many years ago. Even to this day, I do not usually drink Single Malt Scotch without smoking a premium cigar, as they make for a most excellent pairing. The best Scotch that I ever experienced was Macallan 18, which at the time (over 10 years ago) was priced at around $190 per 750ml bottle. In 2024, that price would be a bargain, as Scotch prices have gone through the roof. Macallan 18 is now about $380 per bottle, but Macallan 12 is “only” $75 per bottle, which is more than good enough for me.

I recently acquired a bottle of Dalmore Cigar Malt Scotch for about the same $190 price paid for Macallan 18 back in the day. Dalmore is now my second favorite Scotch, better than the blended Johnnie Walker Blue ($200) and Macallan 12-year single malt, but it is just too expensive to drink on a regular basis. The Dalmore is very smooth and enjoyable for special occcasions, both with and without a cigar, but I prefer the former.

For a more everyday Scotch whiskey that won't break the bank, try Dewar's 12 for less than $30 per bottle. It was ranked the fourth best whiskey and the best Scotch of 2022 by Whiskey Advocate magazine.

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