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Review of Coffee and Cigars

By: Gary Manelski

Coffee is one of the best non-alcoholic beverages that pair very well with premium cigars. Coffee can be enjoyed black and either with or without cream and/or sweetener, depending on individual preferences. There are also many varieties of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccino and cafe latte. Of course, coffee also mixes very well with a variety of of spirits, such as Irish Cream and Bourbon and Cream.

I am not a daily coffee drinker, but I do enjoy some type of coffee drink at least once per week. I have never liked ordinary black coffee without cream and sweetener, until I bought my wife (who is a daily coffee drinker) a sampler from Split Oak Roasters containing coffees from around the world. Of the nine coffees that we sampled, we agreed that the Brazilian, Guatemalan and Peruvian were the most enjoyable. I actually enjoyed them black, without any cream or sweetener. We are now in the process of determining which one of the three might be the best, and are purchasing full bags of each.

The first coffee up is from Brazil. As you might imagine, the first cigar that I paired with the Brazilian coffee was a CAO made with Brazilian tobacco. It was not the Brazilia, which has been around since the Ozgener's owned the brand, but a more recent Bx3. The CAO Bx3 is made with three times the Brazilian tobacco, hence the name Bx3. This turned out to be a very good pairing, and there is no need to wait for the next celebration of Carnival in Rio to enjoy the taste of Brazil right now!

I do not recall ever having smoked a cigar that contained any tobacco from Guatemala, but I have enjoyed several brands containing at least some Peruvian tobacco. Coffee from other countries included in the sampler that can paired with cigars containing tobacco from those same countries include Columbia, Honduras, Mexico, and Sumatra.

Cigar and coffee from Brazil
Coffee and Cigar from Brazil

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