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Smoking Cigars in Casinos

By: Gary Manelski

In addition to cocktails and conversation, another activity to enjoy while smoking a cigar is casino gambling. Smoking in the gambling areas of large casinos is still legal in Las Vegas, Nevada, but smoking could actually be illegal inside of casinos located in other states. Outdoor smoking areas have been created by some of those casinos for cigarette smokers, but that just does not cut it for cigar smokers. We're not looking for a quick nicotine fix, and spending an hour or more away from the gaming action to smoke a cigar is not acceptable. Cigars are best enjoyed while gambling inside of the casino.

Some casinos located in states such as Florida are owned by Indian tribes. And guess what, smoking is generally acceptable in these casinos. After all, Indians discovered tobacco and invented cigars. The Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek is one of eight Indian casinos located in Florida. It's a great place to smoke a cigar and gamble, and there is even a nice variety of cigars for sale inside of the casino, too! A non-Indian casino attached to a harness racing track is located just a few miles from the Seminole casino, but since smoking is not permitted inside, the choice between the two establishments is obvious.

When visiting South Florida, the Seminole Hard Rock Casino & Guitar Hotel in Hollywood is also recommended. Smoking is allowed in the casino, but the hotel is a non-smoking facility except for rooms on the third and fourth floors.


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