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Cigars Better in Las Vegas

By: Gary Manelski

When Hurricane Dorian set its sights on Florida during late August and the beginning of September 2019, early forecasts had the entire state in the cone of uncertainty. It was time to grab a few cigars and get the hell out! After all, you can't smoke in 185 mph winds. We took the least expensive flight that we could find on short notice, which happened to be going to LAX of all places. Although the weather in Southern California was perfect, the Los Angeles area is no place to enjoy cigars. Unlike Florida, smoking bans can vary among local jurisdictions, so you could be fined for lighting up in one town but not another. However, most local jurisdictions have already jumped on the no-smoking bandwagon, and there are very few places left to smoke, legally. For the most part, all that's left are cigar bars, personal residences not having common walls (unless grandfathered in), and personal vehicles as long as no children are inside.

Since we did not know if or when we would be able to return to Florida, we purchased one-way tickets. This meant that we did not have to fly out of LAX. Since the cigar friendly town of Las Vegas is only a four-hour drive from L.A., we rented a car and drove across the desert. Good thing we had some comp nights at one of the casinos, so we saved some bucks on hotels. We still had to pay the resort fees, but who's complaining. The flight back to Florida was less expensive, also.

Las Vegas has its own smoking bans, but nothing like in California. You may no longer be able to smoke in your favorite restaurant, but smoking is still legal in the gaming areas of casinos. If you sit down at a video poker game and light up a cigar, they will even bring you free cocktails. Just don't forget to tip the waitresses. There are also some pretty nice cigar bars in Vegas, but I enjoy smoking my own cigars much more in the casinos, while drinking for free. To each his own.

We're back in Florida now, but hurricane season is far from over. I plan to smoke a few cigars near the beach before the next one hits. The Atlantic Ocean may be angry this time of year, but at least it's not smoke free!

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