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Review of Sindicato Maduro Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

Subsequent to the release of a natural wrapped cigar, a number of cigar companies like to offer a Maduro version several months later. Such is the case with the new Sindicato Maduro, which was released in late October 2014, as a follow-up to the release of their Flagship Sindicato Cigar back in May 2014.

Depending on the particular blend and size of a cigar, the wrapper leaf accounts for about 50% of a cigar's flavor. Sometimes, the Maduro version of a cigar offers a slight to significant improvement in taste, but not always. The flavor of a Maduro wrapper is different than other types of wrappers, but your overall enjoyment of a new Maduro version of any cigar could be less, greater, or even about the same as the original. In the case of the Sindicato cigars, both versions are superior smokes. However, I personally enjoyed the original Nicaraguan puro made with a Corojo wrapper just a bit more than the new San Andres Morron Maduro version.

Sindicato Maduro cigars are available in four sizes ranging in price between $11.50 and $14 per stick. Click here for more details. The size sampled for this review was the Toro (54 x 6), which is priced at $11.95 per cigar. Like the original, the Maduro version is box pressed, constructed with a triple cap having a short pigtail, and an unfinished foot.

The Sindicato Maduro Toro cigar began as a full flavor and full bodied cigar with a peppery taste that was predominate for about 10 mintues into the smoke. After that, the cigar tamed down, and was more in the medium-to-full range with much less pepper and a slight Maduro sweetness complimenting the rich tobacco flavor. The cigar had a great draw, but required a few minor touch-up lights to keep the burn even. One relight was needed after an hour into the smoke. It took me 75 minutes to smoke the cigar down to 1 inches remaining. I rate it with an impressive 4.5 points on a 5-point scale, making the Sindicato Maduro one of the best cigars that I have smoked during 2014. However, the original flagship Sindicato cigar was given even a higher rating. Recommended for more experienced cigar smokers!

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.


Sindicato Maduro Cigar
Sindicato Maduro Cigar