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Review of Sindicato Natural Cigars

June 2019 Update

By: Gary Manelski

Sindicato is the flagship cigar and fourth release (May 2014) from Sindicato Cigar Group, LLC. Jim Colucci, President and CEO of the company, is a former Altadis USA executive who is also the current (2019) President and COO of Gurkha Cigars.

Sindicato is a square-pressed Nicaraguan puro available in several sizes, including a Corona Gorda (5 x 48) that was sampled for this review. The cigar has a triple cap with a short pigtail, and an unfinished foot. Originally priced at $10.95 per stick, the Corona Gorda is/was available during 2019 for an average of $8.25 or less, if purchased in packs of 5 or 16.

The flagship Sindicato is made with a Corojo shade-grown wrapper, and may be referred to as the Sindicato Natural cigar to distinguish it from the Sindicato Maduro cigar, subsequently released in October 2014. To read more about the Sindicato Natural flagship cigar, see the company's original press release.

The Sindicato Natural cigar began with an enjoyable flavor of spice, nuts and subtle sweetness along with a hint of pepper that quickly faded after a few puffs. The cigar was well balanced, smooth and medium-to-full bodied. Some leather and woodsy flavors began to emerge as the cigar was smoked. The cigar was very well made, had a great draw, mostly even burn, and held a long ash. It took me about an hour to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining. One minor touch-up but no relights were needed during that time.

I originally reviewed the Sindicato Natural Corona Gorda cigar back in 2014, and found it to be an excellent smoke that was worthy of a stellar 4.75 rating on a 5-point scale. Although I still consider it to be a superior cigar five years later, it wasn't quite the same as I remember. Maybe my tastes have changed a bit, or perhaps the cigar does not compare quite as favorably to some of the latest and greatest cigars that were released during the last five years. Anyway, my current rating of 4.25 points is indicative of a superior cigar that is still more enjoyable than most.

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