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Review of Rocky Patel
Fresh Rolled Corojo Cigars

By: Dr. Mitch Fadem

  • Cigars International Fresh-Rolled Series
  • Size - Robusto
  • Rating: 3.75 Stars Out of 5

Cigars International (CI) has a series of cigars called Fresh-Rolled. These are Cuban Wheels, 20 cigars in a bundle, rolled and packaged in the old Cuban style. The bundle I am reviewing is the Rocky Patel Fresh-Rolled Corojo Robusto. This is a 4½ x 50 ring gauge, medium smoke with a nice rustic dark Corojo wrapper. These cigars are made in Honduras with Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fill tobacco. There are no blemishes on the wrapper, but keep in mind that it is very rustic. The stick is firm but not hard with no weak spots, and has a traditional Cuban triple cap.

Sounds good? How did it smoke?

The pre-light aroma is nice and earthy, and the draw has just the right amount of resistance. After lighting the burn is slow and perfectly even with a solid ash. The flavor and aroma during the smoke is like dark roasting coffee with a hint of sweetness and some black pepper on the retro-hale. There is good thick smoke output that carry the aromas right past that 6 ft social distancing space so your buddies can enjoy the aroma along with you. The cigar is very consistent all the way to the last inch 60 minutes later. After that it is just a bit too hot to hold or smoke.

Is this a good value?

A bundle of 20 costs $60 and let me tell you that I am already on my second bundle. This is an every-day cigar and at $3 a stick it smokes like any other great Rocky Patel offerings that are 3 times the cost. The only reason I gave it 3.75 stars and not 4 is because I set it down for just a couple of minutes and it went out.


Rocky Patel Fresh Rolled Cigars
Rocky Patel Fresh Rolled Cigars

Rocky Patel Fresh Rolled Cigar