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Review of Punch Dad Bod Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

Punch Dad Bod cigars are made in Honduras with a Cameroon wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and a blend of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Brazil. These limited edition cigars were released on May 1, 2023 (in plenty of time for Father's Day on June 18th) and are available in one figurado Champion size (4.5 x 60) priced at $6.99 per cigar. The cigars have a band that is shaped like a man's necktie, and can be purchased at retail in reusable collectible stash cans. For more information, please see the press release.

Before lighting the sample Punch “Dad Bod” cigar, I removed the necktie band that adorns the body of this figurado that's shaped something like a skewed perfecto. The cigar's shape provided an interesting feel in my hand, and I was eager to find out how it smoked. The figurado cigar began with a modest spicy flavor that was joined by some leather and hints of earth after about five minutes. The smoke was squarely in the middle of the medium bodied range. During the next five minutes, the spicy taste gradually moved into the background as a smooth creamy flavor joined the mix. At this point, the flavor was very enjoyable and remained pretty much consistent for the remainder of the smoking session.

The Punch Dad Bod cigar was very well made and provided a great draw, held a medium-to-long ash, and had a mostly even burn. I ashed the cigar for the first time after 20 minutes, and again after an additional 15 minutes. The cigar needed one minor touch-up about five minutes after being ashed the first time. No relights were required during the 50 minutes that it took me to smoke this short 4½" cigar down to just one inch remaining. Pretty impressive!

Although the Punch Dad Bod cigar would make a great gift on Father's Day, it is good enough to be enjoyed by fathers and non-fathers alike on any day of the year. After removing the necktie band prior to smoking, the cigar becomes less of a novelty and transforms into a serious smoke having an uncommon shape. I rate the Punch Dad Bod cigar with a very good to superior four-plus (4+) points on a 5-point scale and highly recommend it, especially as a Father's Day gift along with the reusable stash cans.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

Punch Dad Bod Cigar
Punch Dad Bod Cigar

Punch Dad Bod Cigar
Punch Dad Bod Burning Down