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Review of Partagas Decadas 2021 Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021 is a limited edition super-premium cigar made in the Dominican Republic with a Brazilian-grown Cameroon wrapper (a first for Partagas), Connecticut Havano binder, and a blend of proprietary Nicaraguan filler tobaccos along with some Dominican Piloto Cubano. The cigars were released during November 2021, and are available in one size, a 6 x 52 Toro that is priced at $17.99 per cigar. For more information, please refer to the press release.

The sample Partagas Decadas 2021 Toro began with a very pleasant, naturally sweet and slightly earthy tobacco flavor. After the first few puffs, a modest peppery flavor emerged and balanced perfectly with the sweetness. The cigar was medium-plus bodied at this point, let's say 3+ on a 5 point fullness scale. This 2021 version of Partagas Decadas is made with a different wrapper leaf and blend than the previous 2019 & 2020 editions, and has a more distinctive flavor. After the first 15 minutes, the flavor became more mellow and creamy with hints of nuts. The taste was just delightful.

After 25-30 minutes, the cigar needed a minor touch-up and the body moved up slightly to about 4- on the fullness scale, at the lower end of being considered medium-to-full. At the 45-minute point, a cedar taste began to emerge. The sweet and peppery flavors were still very noticeable, but were becoming more subtle. The cedar taste gradually intensified during the next 10 to 15 minutes, when the cigar went out and needed a relight, with about 2½ inches left. I smoked the cigar for another 15 minutes, down to just under two inches remaining, for a total smoke time of 75 minutes.

The Partagas Decadas 2021 limited edition cigar is very well made and has a very good draw, mostly even burn, and holds a long ash. I really enjoyed the first 60 minutes of this cigar, and rate it with an outstanding 4.75 points on a 5-point scale. It is a super-premium stick and a bit pricey, but it is definitely the best new cigar that I have smoked during 2021.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

Partagas Decadas 2021 Cigar
Partagas Decadas 2021 Cigar