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Review of Marrero Flor de Nino Cigar

Marrero Cigars, Costa Rica - Joel Marrero, Owner and Blender

By: Dr. Mitch Fadem
Rating: 2.5 Stars

The Flor de Nino is a 6x54 torpedo box pressed cigar. It has a flawless wrapper and cap, and is slightly firm to the touch. If you close your eyes the pre-light aroma is like taking a nap in a tobacco barn surrounded by large leaves as they dry and age. No, I have never been in one, but it is how I imagine it would smell like. The draw has just the right amount of resistance. As I toasted the foot, I first sensed lemon balm leaves. The first draw was quite different, cedar chips and potato chips with white pepper and oak on the retrohale. During the first third there was good smoke output and perfectly even burn. The ash fell off at about an inch and the resulting aroma shifted to cedar chips and oak.

At the midpoint, I set the cigar down for a few minutes to read some emails and it went out. That is not a good sign in my opinion, and after that the burn started to canoe. There was another aroma shift as well, like hot dogs burning on the grill with a mesquite fire. The flavors now reminded me of Starbucks Verona coffee, quite mild. The cigar was smoking mild to medium, and I wished I had a cup of coffee to go along with it. I had to touch up the cigar to even it out, and that seemed to fix things. From that point on, the burn was even but the cigar went out again and the ash fell off, again.

In the final third, the flavor and aroma tapered off leaving you with just an ordinary cigar. At this point the cigar was a faintly herbal. Just below the 2 inch point, the ash fell off again and the cigar went out again. I decided to give up on it, and that was after about an hour smoking time.

Final Thoughts

The Flor de Nino torpedo box pressed is a mild to medium smoke, and although it had quite a complex flavor and aroma profile, the constant relights are indicative of construction issues and took away from the enjoyment of the cigar. The value is also not there at $7.90 a stick, and I am only giving it a 2.5 star rating. Morrero Cigars have some excellent blends and with better construction, this could be a good smoke.


Flor de Nino Cigar
Flor de Nino Cigar