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Review of La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

La Gloria Cubana Society cigars are available in one limited edition box-pressed Toro (6.25 x 54) size priced at $8.99. The cigars are made in Dominican Republic and were released in August 2022. This cigar was developed with input from LGC smokers across the U.S. and is a Honduran puro, made entirely with tobaccos from Honduras. For more information about these cigars, please see the press release.

The sample La Gloria Cubana Society Toro cigar began with a modest and very pleasant sweet spicy flavor, which was joined by a nutty taste after the first five minutes. The draw was nice and easy, and the smoke was medium bodied. After another five minutes, the body moved up a bit to medium-plus, and the cigar held a medium-to-long but flaky ash. A minor touch-up was needed at the 15-minute mark. After 25 minutes of smoking time, the body was getting closer to being medium-to-full.

After 35 minutes into the smoking session, the cigar went out and required a relight. The body was now firmly in the medium-to-full range, but the flavor started to become a bit less enjoyable. At the 45-minute point, the flavor had declined a bit further, and then another minor touch-up was needed five minutes later. During the next 15 minutes, a couple more minor touch-up were required. It took me a total of 65 minutes to smoke the LGC Society Toro down to two inches remaining.

I enjoyed the first half of the La Gloria Cubana Society cigar enough to rate that portion with a superior 4.25 points on a 5-point scale. However, my enjoyment gradually declined during the second half of the cigar, down to a rating of 3.75 points for that portion. When averaging the first and second halves of the LGC Society Toro, a very good overall rating of 4 points on a 5-point scale would be appropriate.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

LGC Society Cigar
La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar