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Review of The Upsetters Django Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

The Upsetters Django is a flavor infused cigar from Foundation Cigar Company. The cigar is made with a Nicaraguan wrapper and binder, along with a blend of Jamaican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. The Django is a Robusto size (5 x 54) cigar priced at around $9 per stick. For more info about this cigar, please visit

The Upsetters Django is artificially flavored, and those flavors virtually overwhelm the taste of the tobacco. Right from the start, the taste was very sweet along with various doses of clove, herbal, floral, botanical, and spicy flavors. My wife thought that the aroma smelled like perfume. The taste was completely different from any cigar that I have ever smoked, which is not necessarily a good thing. I smoked the cigar for several minutes before deciding to pair it with some Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. The spice in the rum complimented the smoke very well, but the Django cigar would probably also go pretty good with Bombay Sapphire Gin, which is infused with a variety of botanicals.

Anyway, it took me 50 minutes to smoke the cigar down to 2 inches remaining, when it went out by itself. During that time, the cigar held a long ash, had a good draw, and burned evenly. No relights nor touch-ups were needed.

Flavored cigars are not comparable to real cigars made with 100% tobacco, which do not contain any additives. How much you might like a flavored cigar depends on how much you like the artificial flavors. In this case, I am not a big fan of the flavors in the Django cigar. However, the cigar is very well made and the tastes might actually appeal to some smokers. Therefore, I'm rating it somewhere within the range of 2.25 to 3.25 points on a 5-point scale, depending on personal preferences.

The Upsetters Django Cigar
The Upsetters Django Cigar