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Review of Asylum 13 Ogre 770 Cigar

A Large Barber Pole Nicaraguan Puro

By: Gary Manelski

There's only one cigar I have smoked/reviewed that has a larger ring gauge than the Asylum 13 Ogre 770 Gordo (7 x 70), and that just happens to be the Asylum 13 Eighty. In addition to being the second largest cigar that I have ever smoked, the Asylum 13 Ogre 770 is also somewhat unusual because it is a barber pole cigar made with a Habano-Maduro wrapper along with a Candella wrapper. All of the tobaccos in this cigar are from Nicaragua. Asylum 13 Ogre cigars are available is several different sizes, with the price for a single stick in 7 x 70 size being about $7.50.

Overall, I found the Asylum 13 Ogre 770 to be medium in strength, and medium-to-full in both body and flavor. The taste was very enjoyable during the first 30 to 45 minutes, but then started to noticeably decline as the cigar became fuller and stronger. Pleasant natural tobacco flavors at the start eventually gave way to more of an earthy and slightly peppery profile during the second half.

However, the taste of this cigar is secondary, as its size and appearance are what make the cigar worth giving a try. As is the case with the Asylum 13 Eighty, a stogie with a ring gauge larger than about 60 is more of a novelty than a cigar that I'd consider smoking on a regular basis. Such a large cigar can take some effort to light and keep burning evenly. Several touch-ups, but surprisingly only one relight, were needed during the one hour and 35 minutes that it took me to smoke this cigar down to 2 inches remaining.

Although the Asylum 13 Ogre 770's flavor during the first half of the smoke deserves a 4.0 rating on a 5-point scale, the decline in flavor during the second-half, coupled with the awkward size of the cigar, lowers my overall rating to 3.5 points. However, if you want to smoke a really large cigar, why settle for the second or third largest? The Asylum 13 Ogre is also available in a humongous 8 x 80 size. Go for it!

Asylum 13 Ogre 770 Cigar
Asylum 13 Ogre 770 Cigar