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Review of Alec Bradley Magic Toast Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

Magic Toast by Alec Bradley is made with a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobaccos, Nicaraguan and Honduran binders (two binders), and a dark Honduran wrapper. The cigars are available in three sizes that were widely released in 2018. The cigar sampled for this review was a Robusto (5 x 52) priced at $8.95 per single stick. I got mine from the sons of Alan Rubin, Alec and Bradley Rubin, for whom the company was named. The brothers were handing them out at The Great Smoke cigar event during February 2019.

The Magic Toast Robusto began with an initial taste of pepper, which quickly faded into the background. The cigar was medium-to-full bodied, and had a very enjoyable flavor for the first 20-25 minutes. The taste was smooth and creamy and just a bit nutty. Hints of natural tobacco sweetness were also present. However, before the half-way point, the taste became more leathery as the cigar got noticeably stronger. I enjoyed the first half of this cigar much more than the last half, as a solid 4.25-point flavor at the beginning tapered off to 3 points (on a 5-point scale) by the end.

The Magic Toast cigar had a good draw, held a medium-to-long ash, and had a decent burn that did require a few touch-ups during the one hour that it took me to smoke the Robusto-size cigar down to two inches remaining. In addition, a relight was also needed when the cigar went out just after the halfway point. Overall, I rate this cigar with 3.5 points on a 5-point scale. It's a good cigar for the price, and you don't have to continue smoking it all the way down if the flavor starts heading south.


Magic Toast Cigar
Magic Toast Cigar