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Review of Affinity Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

Affinity cigars were introduced in 2013 by the Sindicato Cigar Group, LLC. These cigars are made with a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. Affinity cigars are available in several sizes including the Gran Toro (6 x 60) that was sampled for this review. Affinity Gran Toros are priced at $7.30 per single stick, and are also sold in boxes of 21 cigars priced at around $$138 (which works out to an average of $6.57 per cigar).

The Affinity Gran Toro began with a pleasant mild-to-medium bodied tobacco flavor with a modest amount of spice. After about 10 minutes, the flavor became predominately creamy with some nutty notes as the spice faded into the background. The cigar had a noticeably open and easy draw that delivered a nice volume of smoke. The burn was even and the ash was long. The cigar did not require any relights nor touch-ups during the 80 minutes that it took to smoke down to two inches remaining.

I found the Affinity Gran Toro to be a very enjoyable and smooth mild-to-medium smoke that would appeal to all levels of cigar smokers, especially mainstream and newer smokers. However, newer smokers may want to try an Affinity cigar in one of the smaller sizes. Some hard core connoisseurs may find this cigar to be a bit too mild, but Affinity would still be a great choice for a morning or summer smoke when milder cigars are most appropriate. Affinity is one of the better mild-to-medium cigars that I have sampled. It had a very pleasant flavor without any sour notes (like some other Connecticut wrapped cigars) and was very well constructed. I rate the Affinity Gran Toro with a very good 4 points on a 5-point scale. If you must have a cigar with more oomph, then try the highly rated Sindicato flagship cigar or the Sindicato Maduro.


Affinity Cigar
Affinity Cigar