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Fuente Opus X Challenge

By: Dr. Mitch Fadem

I was looking forward to smoking over the July 4th weekend, but the temperatures in Las Vegas were in the triple digits and it just wasn’t possible. With all that is happening in our country and the world, we should all take some time for ourselves and relax with your favorite cigar.

So? What is your favorite cigar? Or What cigar would you like to smoke if money was not an issue, or you could get one for free? I think you get the point.

The people at Arturo Fuente have hyped up their Opus X to be the cigar to beat all other cigars. Is it really that good? I had one once a very long time ago, and I honestly cannot remember. I decided to break open my piggy bank and cough up $30 for one Opus X Lost City. Hmmmm. I can’t exactly do a review on it unless I have something to compare it to. I decided to do some research and find out what other cigars are out there that might be up to the challenge to go head-to-head with the revered and perhaps over-rated Opus X.

These are the cigars I picked out for the task at hand. All but one were obtained from The Privada Cigar Club Shop. It is the only way I know to be assured you get a fresh cigar, packed in a sealed pouch with a Boveda humidification packet inside, and you can smoke it the day you receive it, or just keep it in the pouch until you are ready. Because of my hot weather delay, I really appreciate the way PCC packed the sticks. The prices are approximately what you might pay at a local brick-and-mortar shop.

  • Serino Royale Maduro XX Belicoso - $8
    (What? Really? Just read the review) Read Review

  • AJ Fernandez X Padilla Poetica – ?
    Zino Platinum Scepter Chubby - $18 Read Review

  • Padron 1964 Anniversary No. 4 - $22Read Review

  • Eiroa The First 20 Years Diadema - $20 Read Review

  • Mystery cigar without a band - ?

  • ….and of course the Opus X - $30 Read Review

I chose these cigars because I have smoked most of them at least once and they are all rated higher than 90, which translates to 4½ stars in our rating system. You notice that the average price of these is around the $20 mark, with the Opus in the stratosphere and one lower priced at $8 (Serino).

I have some serious smoking ahead of me and I have plenty of time.