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Types of Cigar Cuts and Cigar Cutters

By: Gary Manelski

There are only four kinds of cigar cuts, but many different types of cigar cutters can be used to make those cuts.

Straight Cutters

The most common type of cigar cut is a straight cut, and the most popular straight cigar cutter is the double blade guillotine. There are many styles of guillotine cutters, including those having only a single blade, and those having a back plate to prevent cutting off too much beyond the cap of the cigar. Guillotine cutters work very well with almost any type of cigar, except for those with very large ring gauges beyond the dimensions of the guillotine's cutting area. In those cases, cigar scissors (for a straight cut) or another type of cigar cutter would be preferable. Many guillotine cutters are not very expensive, some costing only a couple of bucks or so. Of course, higher quality cutters can cost much more, but paying a lot of money for a fancy silver or gold cutter is not really necessary.

A good feature about most guillotine cutters is that they are portable, and can easily fit in your pants (or even shirt) pockets. However, some of the more expensive guillotine cutters can be a bit bulky, and noticeably heavier than a typical basic cutter, though they are still portable. It would be a good idea to own an inexpensive and/or light-weight stainless steel cutter for enjoying cigars when away from home, and a more solid and substantial cutter when savoring the total cigar experience in your own abode. It is not only more pleasurable, but also somewhat easier to cut a cigar using a fine and sturdy cutting instrument. But again, that does not mean spending a lot of money. I recently purchased a solid and attractive double blade guillotine Cigar Cutter (paid link via made with a zinc alloy for only $4.99, and highly recommend it.

Hole Punch and Wedge Cutters

To briefly touch on the other types of cigar cuts, the hole punch and the wedge (or ā€œVā€) cut are the next most popular types of cigar cuts, behind the straight cut. These types of cuts have been used for many decades, and are preferred by some cigar smokers. It is mostly a matter of personal preference, but wedge cutters and hole punches may not work as well with some types of cigars, such as torpedoes and pyramids. Although they work fine with the typical parejo shaped cigar, it is possible for more tar to accumulate near the head of the cigar with a hole cut, and for the draw to eventually become constricted (if the opening slowly begins to close if the cap starts to soften by your saliva) with either of these two cuts.

Shuriken Cutter

The last type of cigar cut and the most innovative is the Shuriken, which is made by Shuriken cigar cutters that were invented back in 2011. This type of cutter uses razor blades to cut slits in the head of a cigar. The draw can be controlled by slightly biting down on the head of the cigar (to further open the slits) and allow more smoke. This type of cut also helps to prevent loose tobacco from getting in your teeth, especially when smoking short filler cigars. Although it is possible for the slits to close up if too much of your saliva softens the cap, this type of cut works just fine in most cases. Like the V-cut and the hole punch, the Shuriken cut provides a change of pace from the routine straight cut. Don't be afraid to experiment, you might even like it.

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Various Types of Cigar Cutters

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