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Burn Cigar Bar by Rocky Patel

By: Gary Manelski

Rocky Patel's original Burn cigar bar opened in Naples, Florida back in 2010. Since then, four more Burn by Rocky Patel cigar bars were established in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Oklahama City and Pittsburgh. During a May 2022 visit to Naples, I took the opportunity to visit the original Burn a couple of times during my 2-day visit. Burn is located in the Mercado Shops at the NE corner of the intersection at Vanderbilt Beach Road and Tamiami Trail, which is less than a couple of miles east of Vanderbilt Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The bar is open from 2PM to 2AM, seven days per week. Happy hour is from 2-7PM daily, and ladies can drink free champagne on Wednesday's after 7PM.

Happy hour drinks are 50% off regularly-priced drinks of $14 or less, and 25% off for drinks priced $15 or more. Although some speciality drinks were priced at $14 on Burn's website (as of May 2022), all specialty drinks were priced at $15 or more on the bar's drink menu. Yes, the website needs to be updated to avoid confusion. However, there were still some other non-specialty drinks priced at $14 or less at the bar. In addition to the drink discounts, there was also a 20% discount on Rocky Patel brand cigars, but not on other brands that are also available for sale in their walk-in humidor. For more information, visit the Burn Website.

Burn cigar bar has indoor and outdoor seating, and you get the red carpet treatment at the entrance. The cigar bar is very well appointed, and there was plenty of space to spread out and avoid close contact with too many other patrons (no masks required:). There was a nice selection of drinks, and a decent selection of cigars in their medium-sized walk-in humidor. The humidor attendant was knowledgeable and personable, and offered to cut and light the cigars that I purchased. I've sampled many Rocky Patel cigars over the years (Decade is still my favorite), but I haven't smoked an Edge Lite since they first came out many years ago. After smoking one again at Burn, I enjoyed it so much that I went back the next day and had another. At only $6 for a Toro, you just can't go wrong with this mild-to-medium bodied pre-dinner smoke during happy hour - just what the doctor ordered!