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Cigars on the Carnival Victory
By: Gary Manelski

During January and December 2019, I cruised on the Carnival Victory for the third and fourth times since 2006. The ship was updated since my first cruise, and now includes many welcomed improvements. However, one policy change that is not welcome was the relegation of cigar smokers from the ship's elaborate cigar bar to an outdoor area on the starboard side of Deck 10. Cigar smoking is not permitted anywhere inside of the ship, nor on stateroom balconies. Cigars are still sold in the ship's gift shop, but no humidors were to be found in any of the bars nor clubs onboard.

In addition to the smoking area on Deck 10, there was also a small area on the starboard side of Deck 3 (beneath the life boats) where cigar smoking was permitted. Although the additional smoking area was appreciated, the accommodations and ambiance were far from ideal, and that area was seldom utilized.

If cigar smoking is an important part of your vacation, it is still possible to enjoy cigars on a Carnival cruise. However, the level of enjoyment cannot compare to the good old days.

UPDATE: The Carnival Victory will be renamed Radiance after a massive refurbishment during the Spring of 2020.

Smoking Area on Deck 10


Smoking Area on Deck 3


Humidor in Gift Shop and Former Cigar Bar


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