Cigar Czars

PCA 2023 Trade Show

The PCA 2023 Convention and International Trade Show were held during July 7-11, at the Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas. This was the first trade show that any CigarCzars attended during this decade. The pandemic nixed the 2020 show, and subsequent shows have been much smaller in size and not very well-attended.

Dr. Mitch Fadem was able to spend Day 3 at the PCA 2023 show, and take a few pictures. According to Mitch, the size of the show, number of booths and amount of foot traffic were all much less than what he remembers before the pandemic. Cigar prices have also increased. He also said that perhaps one of the better cigars he tried was from BAMF. They were rolling them at the show, just for the show, and it was excellent.

Some notable manufacturers/distributors that were not present at the PCA 2023 included General Cigar, Drew Estate, and Davidoff, as well as a number of others. However, STG did have a presence at the show with the Forged Cigar Company.

Drew Estate and others are expected to return to the Premium Cigar Association's 2024 Trade Show, which will still be held in Las Vegas but during the month of March. In 2025, the show will move to New Orleans during April.


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