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Cigar Whiskey Glasses

The cigar whiskey glass is a great gift to buy for cigar smokers who have everything, but it is not really an item to buy for yourself. These glasses are more of a novelty than a necessity. In most cases, you would still have to use an ashtray, which can also be used hold your cigar. Depending on room or outdoor temperature/humidity levels, the glass can sweat if your beverage is refrigerated, or if ice is added. This could possibly damage your cigar. The glass works best with neat shots of your favorite liquor.

There are several different cigar whiskey glasses on the market. Most can accommodate up to a 54 ring gauge cigar, but specifications/prices can vary.

Please click on the below link for information about the YouYah cigar whiskey glass, which is a pretty good deal because the price includes two glasses. However, feel free to shop around and compare.

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