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The Great Smoke 2019

The 13th annual Great Smoke mega cigar event was held at the South Florida Fairgrounds on February 16, 2019. This annual event was created by Abe Dababneh of the Smoke Inn, and now draws close to 2,000 cigar enthusiasts. The base ticket was priced at only $150, which not only got you 46 premium cigars, but also lots of entertainment plus all you could eat and drink, for at least four hours. In addition, you also had the opportunity to meet the "cigar stars" from a number of different premium cigar companies, including the likes of Nish Patel (Rocky Patel), Matt Booth (Room 101), Jim Colucci (Sindicato/Gurkha), Steve Saka (Dunbarton), Alec and Bradley Rubin (Alec Bradley), and Scott Weeks (Iconic Leaf), as well as many others. From what I could tell, everyone had a great time. I've attended this annual event four times since 2009, and enjoyed it more every time.

Even J. Glynn Loope from Cigar Rights of America was in attendance. He was more than happy to give us an update on the threats to both the cigar industry and cigar consumers, and what's being done about it. Just click on the play button below to listen to Glynn's comments for yourself (running time less than two minutes).

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