Review of Punch Rare Corojo El Diablo Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

Punch Rare Corojos are seasonal cigars that are released annually during February or March. I have reviewed these cigars in prior years, and have consistently given them solid 4-point ratings on a 5-point scale, including the Rare Solomones that I reviewed on this website last year during March 2014. Punch Rare Corojos are available in eight vitolas, plus a limited edition Rare Lapiz that will only be around until May 2015. The new El Diablo size (6 x 66) that is being introduced this year is now one of the eight permanent vitolas, and is priced at $8.25 per cigar. You can read more about these cigars in General Cigar's press release.

The Punch Rare Corojo El Diablo is a very large cigar, but since it is box pressed, it is more manageable to handle and smoke than a typical round parejo shaped cigar having the same dimensions. I enjoy the benefits of smoking larger ring gauge cigars, but when a cigar has a ring gauge larger than 60, it can be awkward to cut, light, hold and smoke. A large cigar usually burns cooler and delivers a greater volume of smoke. The ratio of filler to wrapper is higher in a larger cigar, which definitely affects the flavor. This can be either good or bad, but in the case of the Punch Rare Corojo El Diablo, I enjoyed the flavor a bit more than the other Punch Rare Corojos that I have smoked in the past.

The sample Punch Rare Corojo El Diablo cigar that I smoked for this review had a pleasant naturally sweet tobacco flavor that was medium bodied, but almost bordering on medium-to-full. The cigar had just a hint of spice at the start, but after the first five minutes or so, the spice faded as the cigar continued to become sweeter. The pleasant sweet tobacco taste lasted for the entire duration of the cigar, which took me 95 minutes to smoke down to two inches remaining. No relights were required, but a couple of minor touch-ups were needed to keep the burn relatively even. The El Diablo is not overly complex, just a very enjoyable smoke that is not overwhelming for a cigar of its size. I rate it with a superior 4.25 points. Grab some before they're all gone!

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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Punch Rare Corojo El Diablo Cigar
Punch Rare Corojo El Diablo
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