Review of J. Grotto Lancero Limitado Cigars
Silk Boutique Cigar Line, Ocean State Cigars
Rating 94
By: Dr. Mitch Fadem

I am very happy to once again be reviewing cigars. The cigar I am reviewing here is from the J. Grotto Silk Boutique line of Ocean State Cigars. It is called the Lancero Limitado. Don’t get this confused with their Reserve Series Lancero Limitado, which is also a superlitive cigar. The Silk Boutique line is a new higher-end cigar offering. The word ‘silk’ is the right term used to describe it. The cigar is 7½” x 41 and rolled in the traditional Cuban style of accordion-fold bunching where the filler leaf is folded on itself lengthwise in the palm of the hand, then combined with other filler leaves in the same manner. The Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut Shade wrapper surrounds a double binder of Indonesian and Criollo 98 leaves. The filler is a blend of tobaccos from the Las Trojes Region in Honduras and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. The J. Grotto bands are always very elegant and subdued and will make a nice addition to your collection. They're easily removed prior to or during the smoke without damaging the wrapper.

Draw and Construction

The cigar is firm but not hard. The wrapper has visible veins but still rather smooth. I used a Xikar V cutter on the cigar's rounded head in the hopes of getting maximum draw from such a small ring gauge. The pre-lighting draw seemed a bit restrictive. But, after I lit the cigar it had just the right amount of resistance for a ‘silky’ draw, as the name of the cigar describes the Lancero. The ash is nice grey-white and held on to the foot just beyond 2”. I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely this 41 ring gauge smoked. I am fast becoming a huge fan of lanceros, panatelas and other thin cigars. What many smokers do not realize is that small ring gauge cigars were the most common sizes made in Cuba back in the 1950’s. This is a well-constructed cigar that provides you a lot of smoking time and ample enough smoke. I did have to relight one of the cigars twice and another three times. I do not fault the cigar construction for this. I live at 7000 feet above sea level and in this part of New Mexico the humidity is 15%, yes, even in the winter. I do keep my humidor at around 70% but as soon as I take a cigar out, the moisture gets sucked out by the environment, and on a thin cigar this wreaks havoc. Total smoking time – 70 minutes.

Aroma and Flavor

The aromas and flavors are very subtle. I detected just a hint of coffee, nuttiness with slightly floral overtones. The experience is one to be savored as the smoke surrounds your tongue and dances around your head giving you a perfect smoking mini-environment. Can you tell that I like these? Again as the line is called ‘silk’ so are the flavors and aromas. Unlike many cigars that change at their midpoint, this did not occur at all even after the relights. My beverage of choice for this cigar was a semi-sweet white wine.


This is definitely a higher-end cigar rivaling the ‘self-proclaimed’ elite cigars like Davidoff, but without the high price tag. The MSRP is $7.99, and I imagine that a box will save you a bit. In an article by Gary Manelski, he explains that buying single sticks is always more expensive than buying by the box (average cost per cigar in a box can sometimes be as much as 50% less). Back in 2012, I reviewed the Lancero Limitado Reserve Series and said that it was the best lancero I had smoked to date. The Silk Lancero Limitado Boutique tops it for sure. A tip of the hat to Paul Joyal at Ocean State Cigars for delivering us another great cigar at a good price point.

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