Review of Camacho Corojo Churchill Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

Camacho has done it again, tweaked the blends and updated their packaging. I suppose this way of attracting attention to their products is better than coming out with a new cigar every month or so. The new Camacho Corojo Churchill was redesigned in 2013, and the Maduro version just happened to receive a rating of 88 in the July/August 2014 edition of Cigar Aficionado magazine. As indicated in my review of a Camacho Select cigar on, Camacho previously updated their products in a similar fashion back in 2008.

The Camacho Corojo Churchill cigar measures seven inches in length with a ring guage of 48. The Churchill size is priced at $7.75 per single, $35 for a 5-pack, and $140 for a box of 20 cigars. Camacho Corojo cigars are also available in five other sizes. The cigars are made in Honduras with Cuban-seed Corojo tobaccos, and are also available with Maduro wrappers.

The natural Churchill that I sampled began with a sweet toasty flavor that included some spice. The smoke was medium-to-full, but was also smooth and balanced. The initial draw was free and easy, providing a nice amount of smoke. The first 20 minutes of this cigar was very enjoyable, and I rate this part of the smoke with 4.25 points on a 5-point scale. Beyond 20 minutes, the draw was still very good, but normalized to some degree as the body became a bit fuller. The taste was still enjoyable, but gradually moved closer to a 4-point rating as the smoke progressed. The cigar held a long ash and the burn was relatively even, but one minor touch-up light was needed 25 minutes into the cigar. Further into the smoke, three relights were eventually required at the 40, 60, and 90 minute marks. However, the taste was still enjoyable, and remained near 4 points. It took me an impressive 105 minutes (one hour and 45 minutes) to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining.

The Camacho Corojo Churchill would be good cigar to take to the golf course, or to enjoy when you have a lot of time. Overall, I rate this cigar with a very solid 4 points.

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