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Best Cigars of 2015

By: Dr. Mitch Fadem

Cigar thoughts from 2015:

Q. What was the best cigar I smoked?
A. Various blends from A.J. Fernandez.

Q. Which ones?
A. San Lotano The Bull, San Lotano Oval Connecticut and Pinolero Maduro

Q. If you could only choose one to smoke which would it be?
A. It is a little more difficult to answer but here goes....
With coffee in the morning to jump start the day, Pinolero Maduro. The rich coffee and chocolate flavors and espresso-like aroma makes it a good morning stick. During the day with any type of beverage, the San Lotano The Bull. It is full bodied and makes a statement..."I'm a cigar smoker and this is a great cigar." It is a very outdoorsy smoke and fine for colder weather, so the aroma and smoke can linger around you. It is earthy and bold but does not grab your tongue and pull it out of your mouth. The San Lotano Oval Connecticut is good for the evening with Earl Grey tea. It has the lightest draw of all, and some floral notes that go well with the smokiness of the tea. Of course, any of these are good with a nice 18 year old single malt like Glenfiddich. I also like to dip the head of the cigar in scotch after cutting. The scotch takes the edge off of the first lighting of any cigar when you most likely will get some bitterness.

As far as the rest of the A.J. Fernandez line up goes, all of them have great draw, excellent construction, even burn and a good mix of flavors and aromas that will always be pleasing and subtle. They do NOT have any leather flavor. If you are looking for that, you should try a Luchador from Sam Leccia. He has been able to get the harshness out of the leather flavor and aroma, using a Pennsylvania Ligero tobacco, but that will be for another review.

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