Cigar Review - Smoking of the Lusitania

By: Gary Manelski

Lusitania was formerly the name of a province that now roughly corresponds to the country of Portugal. It was also the name of a luxury ocean liner that sank in 1915, and was the subject of several movies entitled Sinking of the Lusitania. But that's not all folks, Lusitania is also a line of Cuban Partagas Gran Reserva cigars that sell for about $100 per stick. But that's still not all, as Lusitania is also a Nicaraguan puro made by Perdomo that goes for about $4 per cigar in the Robusto size (5 x 50), when purchased in a 5-pack or box of 20. These cigars are also available in several other sizes. But still, do you really want to smoke a cigar named after an ill-fated sunken ship? They might as well have named the cigar Titanic, which sank three years before the Lusitania. Just don't pack these cigars if you're going on a cruise vacation, and for more reasons than one.

The Lusitania Robusto is a well-made medium-bodied cigar having a good draw and even burn, requiring no relights nor touch-ups during the 50 minutes that it takes to smoke it down to two inches remaining. However, the cigar had a slightly sour taste during the first 10 to 15 minutes, but improved just a bit (from 2.5 to 3 rating on a 5-scale) after that point, as the sourness gradually faded. I hate to sink the Lusitania again in 2014, but the taste was still no better than decent and somewhat nondescript beyond the first 15 minutes, after the initial sour taste at the beginning finally dissipated.

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Lusitania Robusto Cigar
Lusitania Robusto Cigar
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