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IPCPR 2016 Cigar Convention

IPCPR 2016

Cigar Expert Dr. Mitch Fadem attended the 2016 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers convention and trade show in Las Vegas, and provided us with live updates including commentary, pictures, and video. The IPCPR convention is the biggest and most important annual cigar event in the United States. Although not open to the general public, the IPCPR event is of great interest to cigar smokers, retailers, manufacturers and others associated with the cigar industry all over the world. Unfortunately, due to impending FDA regulations, this year's event might be the last time that new blends can be introduced without authorization, and that complimentary samples can be distributed to attendees (only two of several adverse impacts on the cigar industry). This will not be the last IPCPR trade show, but it is destined to be the last one of its kind. In fact, according to Dr. Mitch, the FDA Regulations (scheduled to take effect on August 8, 2016) have already negatively affected this 2016 IPCPR trade show in July.

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