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HumiForm for Cigar Humidors

Preliminary Review - August 2018
By: Gary Manelski

HumiForm is a new type of humidification system for cigar humidors. According to the manufacturer, HumiForm is nearly maintenance-free, requiring a refill every 6 to 10 months, without the use of electricity/batteries, sponges, pouches or beads.

The HumiForm device is basically a “moisture delivery filament” inserted through a plastic tee-tube that is supported by a covered 22-ounce reservoir for distilled water. The humidity level can be controlled by adjusting the amount of filament exposed. The unit is placed inside on the bottom of a cigar humidor, with the tee-tube and filament sticking up and out from the reservoir to deliver a controlled amount of moisture to cigars that are stored on top of the reservoir. If desired, cedar sheets can be placed over the plastic cover of the reservoir, with the cigars placed over the cedar.

The product reviewed was designed for 50-count humidors having the minimum inside dimensions of 7.5” x 8.5”. Since the reservoir is one-inch deep, it will displace the entire bottom row of cigars in a 50-count humidor, thereby decreasing its capacity. In addition, the tee-tube will displace one cigar in each row of cigars stacked on top of the reservoir. The large amount of space that the HumiForm requires is a necessary trade-off, in exchange for not having to refill the reservoir for at least six months.

To test the HumiForm, we first watched the below video and set up the device according to directions. We then monitored humidity levels daily for one week, prior to writing this preliminary review. After a couple of early adjustments to the amount of filament exposed, close to a 70% humidity level was maintained during the remainder of the test. However, further monitoring is needed during the several months to determine if HumiForm will continue to function properly, without the need for refills, and with virtually no maintenance other than periodically monitoring humidity levels.

After testing the Humiform, we note that the reservoir is made of plastic and is somewhat fragile. The clear plastic top is glued to the reservoir, and can become detached if too much pressure is used when inserting/removing the tee-tube. It is also important not to overfill the reservoir nor move it around a lot. Make sure to fill the reservoir after putting it inside of the humidor. Do not fill the reservoir first and then put inside the humidor. And be careful when moving the humidor!

Disclosure: Product was provided by the manufacturer for review.



HumiForm Humidification Device

HumiForm Inside a Humidor

To see how easy it is to prepare the HumiForm for use,
please watch the following video from the manufacturer.

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September 2018 Update:

Subsequent to our review, the manufacturer improved the water reservoir
by replacing the plastic with acrylic, making it much more durable.

In addition, a second smaller size (but taller) HumiForm is now available,
which should fit inside most 50-count humidors.

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March 2019 Update:

After six months in my humidor, it was finally time to add some distilled water to the HumiForm. During that time, virtually no maintenance was needed and the unit functioned as advertised.