Pairing Cigars With Special Occasions

By: Gary Manelski

A lot has been written about pairing cigars with compatible libations to maximize enjoyment, but what about pairing relevant cigars with special occasions and events? There are a number of holidays or other special days that are celebrated by almost everyone, in addition to specific individual occasions that might be special only to you and/or your inner circle. Whatever the case, there are appropriate cigars to smoke on almost any special occasion that you can imagine. On special days, the relevance of a cigar to the particular occasion or event could affect your enjoyment more than the taste of the cigar itself.

Here are just a few examples:

  • On U.S. holidays such as Memorial Day and Independence Day, the CAO America and Rocky Patel Freedom cigars can help you feel proud (or even prouder) to be a free American.

  • On religious holidays, Saint Luis Rey and Jesus Fuego cigars can help you observe the occasion, or at least lessen the guilt of enjoying cigars during periods of abstinence such as Lent. There is even a Kosher Senor Solomon cigar for those of Jewish faith.

  • On Fat Tuesday, try smoking the Berger & Argenti Fatso and Dignity Minnesota Fats cigars. The day after Fat Tuesday is Ash Wednesday, so try an Ashton or any cigar that holds a long ash (then rub some on your forehead to signify that you're a holy smoker).

  • On Kentucky Derby Day, or while watching any horse race, there is a cigar named after the famous race horse Alcazar.

  • On Saint Patrick's Day, any cigar having a naturally green candela wrapper would be appropriate, as would a cigar flavored with Irish Cream such as the CAO Eileen's Dream.

  • On Cinco de Mayo there are Mexican cigars made in Mexico with Mexican tobaccos, such as Te-Amo brand cigars. For those less “adventurous”, try the Te-Amo World Selection Series.

  • For certain birthdays, there are cigars having a number in their name and/or on their band, or perhaps even a particular year. For just a few examples, Torano Noventa 90, Padron No. 45, Cusano 18, My Father 1922, Padron 1964 and 1926, and Nat Sherman 1930.

  • Here are a few more, but I think you get the idea:

  • Valentine's Day – Romeo y Julieta
  • Columbus Day – Spanish Galleon and New World
  • Halloween – Tatuaje Monster Series
  • New Year's Eve – Perdomo Champagne
  • Easter – El Titan de Bronze Redemption
  • Vintage Car Auction – CAO Flathead
  • Earth Day – Plasencia Organica
  • Father's Day – My Father and Perdomo Patriarch
  • Rock Concert – CAO Concert


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