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Cigars at Disney World

By: Gary Manelski

During a March 2016 visit to Disney World in Orlando, I found that for the most part, smoking is only permitted at designated outdoor smoking areas intended for cigarette smokers. Sosa's Fuego cigar bar in Disney Springs was closed back in September 2013, but the Sosa Family Cigar Co. retail store across from Bongos Cuban Cafe was still open for business. There are a few other spots that also sell cigars at Disney World, but Sosa's is the only actual cigar store on the premises.

However, the issue isn't about buying cigars, it's all about finding a place to smoke and enjoy them. Mizner's Lounge in the Grand Floridian still has cigars on its menu, but guess what, you can't smoke them anywhere inside (but at least there is an outdoor balcony). Let's face it, Disney is a great place to go for a family vacation, but it's not the best place to be if you want to smoke a cigar.

Disney is not the only vacation spot that does not cater to cigar smokers. Even cruise ships have been limiting their accommodations for smokers during recent years. In general, public smoking bans have been expanding almost everywhere, from indoor to outdoor areas. It won't be long before the only place to enjoy a cigar is on your own property, but only if you do not share any common walls. For many cigar smokers, Tomorrowland and Future World have already arrived.

Sosa Cigar Store at Disney World
Sosa Cigar Store in Disney Springs